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Description 🎨

The Shading Brushes are finally here!

These 52 Shading Brushes are great for adding depth and texture to your illustrations. The brushes allow for a variety of ways to shade depending on the look you are aiming to create, from stippling brushes to more rough or silky brushes. Let’s dive into the details:

  • 8 Paper Brushes: These brushes have a soft papery texture. The difference between them varies in the edges, transparency and the way they blend with other brushstrokes (the wax brushes blend easier)

  • Chunky: These brushes bring 8 different types of chunky brushstrokes. The brushes are quite dense and rough, giving a messier and grungier look to your illustrations

  • Fun: These 4 brushes add combinations of texture and tiny lines to your illustration creating a more handmade and artisan look

  • Silky: These 4 brushes are as smooth as silk! They are un-textured and provided a smooth blended look

  • Lines: These brushes come with intricate details and can be applied to shade in a different way. They vary in the number of lines used in the brush and also the way they change the colours.

  • Grain: These brushes are simple but highly effective. Unsurprisingly they create a "grainy" texture and are perfect for subtly adding depth

  • Stippling: We love stippling and have created 12 different stippling brushes for you to choose from. They are divided into two types depending on the edges of the dots.

What you need✏️

- Procreate app (updated)

- iPad

- Apple pencil (suggested)

- A creative mind

Share Your Art 💌

If you share your work on Instagram please use #schoolofillustration I would love to see what amazing art you make using my Procreate brushes!

Follow Marina Parras on @marinaparras_art and School of Illustration on @schoolofillustration

About Me 👩‍🏫

¡Hola! I’m Marina Parras and I’m so glad you have found my little corner of the Internet.

I love all things art and before working as a professional illustrator (which is still new and incredibly exciting for me!), I worked as an art teacher! So, it should be no surprise that what makes me happy in life is producing awesome resources and tools to help others develop their own love of art!

Originating from Spain, I lived in England for the last 5 years before returning to Spain this year! I love art (of course!), yoga, running and cooking!

Marina ❤️🧡💛

Permitted Use🔍

This product can be:

- Used for personal projects

- Used to create end products for sale as a complementary part of a design

This product can not be:

- Shared, gifted, sold or re-distributed to any third party (in any form, e.g. as they are or edited)

- Sold as the main/primary design (e.g. print patterns on phone cases or other products)

If you are in doubt as to the permitted use or would like to use for commercial projects please get in touch at 

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Shading Brushes for Procreate

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